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  LMS Network invites you to join a
                        Perfect World...!

Server Exp Sp Gold Drop Pet
LMSPW 1000x PvP custom x500 x200 x500 x200
You will start with lvl 115 in +12 gears, most skills learned, Nirvana cultivation, starter pack equipment and SP. 3rd fairy quest is shortened and no fb 109 needed. You will receive free sets at 115, 125, 135, 140 lvl. check our Guides.

You can earn cubis for voting and for being online. You can find all materials, molds, mounts, fashion etc at NPC's in Archosaur West.

We are searching for experienced GMs, Read details

Welcome to LMSPW private server!

LMS Perfect World is a diverse community of gamers nestled in a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that takes place in ancient mythical China.

Every server of LMSPW is free to play, you don't need to donate to become the best player around. It is possible for everyone to get fast casting and 5.0 aps without donating a single penny! Gears and weapons are easier to get now so even for new players it will be easier to reach the top. With hard work and commitment everyone is able to get the best gear there is. Of course it is a lot easier when you don't have to do it all on your own, there for we provide help to players who can't, or simply don't want to, spend money on a virtual world. This help comes in the form of many events. Take for example the monthly voting event, which allows every player to get his very own customized piece of gear by just supporting our server, all you have to do is vote and manage to end up in the top 3 of voters. Or maybe you're lucky and you get picked as the random winner of the month. And this is just one of the examples of helpful events. Do you want to know more about these events and the servers? Well don't hesitate and become a part of the LMSPW community!

Home to dragons, foxes, and more -- The 'Perfect World' is where you'll find yourself as you spawn into one of three starting areas. Each starting area is individual to the three races in the game; the Beastkind, the Elves, and the Humans.

Leap into combat on a two-headed dragon, glide into action on a pair of luminescent pixie wings, or any of the other 40 or so flying mounts; all of which is available to everyone in the Perfect World through the advanced system of furnaces -- which is somewhat like a convinience store and can be found in Ancient Dragon City as well as the item mall through which free coin for purchases can be obtained after voting for the server and being online.

Summon your loyal pet kitten, call to your aide a mighty Phoenix, speed through quests and instances, fly to the highest mountain in heaven, swim to the deepest lake in hell .... or even sit in town with a friend and enjoy the stunning 3D graphics of the ancient Perfect World. With our set of custom mobs, custom pets, custom mounts, advanced rates of 1000x experience, near 500 fashion choices and so much more your stay in LMSPW private server will prove to be a memorable, unique experience unlike one you'd get on high-price grindfest official servers.

Bring a friend, bring family, bring a spouse! LMSPW will be waiting with open arms and a staff of knowledgeable, mature and friendly multi-cultural Game Moderators always there to listen and help improve on your game experience.

Our Perfect World private servers has been running Since 2008 with no wipes and 99.9% uptime except for rare server restarts and crashes which are fixed on the dot by our dedicated staff.

Join us and experience it today!

Check this great LMSPW Beginners Guide to learn about LMSPW Server.

Check for more Videos here
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