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LMS Perfect World 1.5.1 - Transfer information

15 October 2016 1.5.1 PvP server will be closed. All chars cn be transferred to 1.5.1 PvE.
You can transfer your account from 1.3.6 1000x server or 1.5.1 PvP server to 1.5.1 PvE server

1. Create account on 1.5.1 PvE server, create chars on which you want transfers to be made.

2. Send request from registered email or email used for donations to for each account, with list of char names you want to transfer in next form (for each char): 1.3.6 (1.5.1) account name, char name -> 1.5.1 PvE account name, char name

3. Wait till you get email with confirmation that transfer is complete.

Notes: For security reasons if you dont have access to registered or donation email you cant transfer that account.

transfer details:
from 1.5.1 to 1.5.1 its full transfer of char with inv and bank content.
from 1.3.6:
levels -1 level since cap is 150 (151->150, 135->134 etc)
reputation max 300k
g21=100 donator coins, g20=80, g19r=60, g19=40, g18=20; custom on armor = 100 event gold,
g21=180 donator coins, g20=145, g19r=110 g19=70, g18=40, custom on weapon=150 event gold
Donator jewelry = 150 Event Gold
Donator tome = 150 Event Gold
1 platinum = 1 event gold
10 LMS Gold = 1 donator coin

You can play while waiting for transfer, event gold/donator coins will be mailed to your chars.
If you forgot char names or emails, email me account names, i will help you.
If you have any questions, send email to

It is also possible to transfer chars from 1.5.1 PvE to PvP server (but not back). Email me if you want it.

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